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Women in Sport – Paige O’Clery


Name: Paige O’Clery

Venue(s): Ferny Hills & North Lakes

Years playing Oztag: 2 years

Why I started: I joined Oztag because I hadn’t played a sport in about 3 years since leaving high school and I really wanted to participate in a team sport again.

Achievements and Roles:

  • I represented North Lakes Snake & Ferny Hills Rams in 2 Senior State Cups & also Marlins at 2 Oztag National Oztag Events.
  • I have been refereeing for 12 months now and have refereed at QLD 2017 Senior State cup & also 2017 All-schools. I had never refereed a sport in my life so this was a massive thing for me!
  • I was a selector at the Tri-series event for the Qld Merit team. It was such an amazing experience and I encourage everyone to get involved with it!
  • I also help my partner Mitch run Ferny Hills Oztag doing admin jobs, taking payments, allocating referees and of course the hooter. I work full time Mon-Friday so getting to Ferny before 5:30pm is sometimes difficult but I manage to do it because I love oztag!

Advice to new players:  If you feel uncomfortable about joining or re-joining bring a friend to come play with you. I have formed some amazing friendships with people I would have never of met if I didn’t join. I’ve also met so many senior ladies who play oztag and they are a true inspiration for the women who want to get involved and have some fun no matter what age you are.  Oztag is an amazing place for social and competitive fun and it gets you fit and active and I want to encourage more women to come join this amazing sport!