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Round 6 was poised to be the round of the season with two venues vying for the title with various teams battling for the grand prize of 1 free season of Oztag, complimentary sublimated playing shirts and VIP area with food and drinks supplied.

The grand final week saw two titans of the game in The Ferny Hills Rams and The Maroochydore Suns battle it out.

Wavell Heights, Mackay Mustangs, Coolum Cobras & North Lakes just kept going about their business looking to claim either a silver or bronze medal while the battle of the venues was kicking off. This season Ivory Toast of Maroochydore couldn’t go back to back with other teams from around the state taking up the challenge. The Ball Grabbers (Maroochydore) & The Coolum Cob Loafs (Coolum) battled it out all season going neck & neck till the very last 2 rounds.

Up until round 5 of the season both Ball Grabbers & Coolum Cob Loafs had been nothing but perfect, collecting bonus points in all rounds whilst getting every player over the line every week. The Coolum Cob Loafs had been putting in massive efforts every week and were still within striking distance coming into the final round of the season after not collecting their bonus points due to Coolum’s loss to Wavell in Round 5. Word was that they were geared up and ready to bring the thunder… and didn’t they bring it!! The girls & guys managed to pile on a massive 66 points to try and reign in the runaway Ball Grabbers. However, true to form, Carla Humphries and her Ball Grabbers team mates stood up to the challenge and gave another perfect performance. Getting maximum points with everyone crossing the line and gaining the 10 bonus points.

Brooke Dryden (Coolum Cob Loafs Team Delegate) stated after the game “We put everything we had into this season. For a team of social superstars I have nothing but praise for them. I think what The Ball Grabbers have been able to do this season was absolutely amazing, perfect games every week… How do you top that!? With a years’ experience under our belts you will see us come back bigger and better next year. Expect big things from not only us but the Coolum Venue!!”

Carla Humphries (Ball Grabbers Captain) with joyous tears welling up in her eyes praised her team and thanked the opposition. “This season has been an absolute whirlwind. You can only ask so much of the gang but for them to turn up week in week out and deliver perfect performances, I just don’t know what more I can ask for. To be honest, I’m speechless. I’m thankful to the other teams for keeping us on our toes and pushing us to heights we reached this season, especially the Coolum Cob Loafs. They really stuck it to us all season and came home strong, they are going to a real powerhouse in years to come.”

Grand Final week did not disappoint. We had 2 teams with the chance to take it out. Ferny Hills knew they had a massive task ahead of them if they wanted to take out the title in taking on local rivals Bray Park. The game was off to a cracker with both teams getting plenty of points on the board early, however, it seemed like the intensity of the game and the occasion got to the Wildcats. The Ferny Hills Rams ran away with it in the second half putting on a massive 233 points to Bray Parks 16. With one team getting the result on the board it meant Maroochydore was needing a huge score to knock off Ferny Hills. Maroochydore managed to get the win along with an enormous point differential that Ferny Hills couldn’t match. With last year’s venue winners Wavell Heights suffering their first loss of the season in round 3 it relegated them to the bronze medal spot on the ladder with the Mackay Mustangs rounding out the top four.

This is how the top 10 ended up:



Courtney Gordon (Mackay Venue Manager) – “ I am absolutely thrilled again this year, of course it hurts losing again but to continually be in the top 4 both seasons shows how consistent we are. A massive congratulations to Josh and the Maroochydore team, they have put in a huge effort all season and I look forward to next season.

Josh Shuttlewood (Maroochydore Venue Manager) Josh celebrated with the rest of the team and said “All the hard work and dedication this season has paid off. Couldn’t have done it without some key people within the club that helped push this to all our teams. Some teams are exactly just that, teams… but we came together when we needed it most and put everything on the line for each other and we reaped the rewards from it. Thank you to the rest of the teams for a fantastic season but we aren’t done yet. Maroochydore champs has a nice ring to it!!”

So that wraps up  Social Media State Cup for the Autumn Season 2018. Congratulation to Ball Grabbers and Maroochydore for taking out their respective divisions and back to the drawing board for the rest of the teams. Stay posted to see if Maroochydore can go back to back or if the grand final hangover sticks around and we see another team take home the silverware.

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