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Round 5 – Gold Medal Race Comes Down to 3

Round 5 was seen as a danger round for many teams however it failed to live up to the hype as the Wavell Heights Roosters, Mackay Mustangs & Bray Park Wildcats all continued their dominance in making it 5/5. With these 3 teams going into Round 6 undefeated we asked our in house statistician Brendan Powell to look at the numbers closely to see what possible scenarios could arise from this week’s games.


Let’s start with what we know! At the end of Round 5 here’s how the ladder currently stands:

Place Division ↓ Team Played Wins Loss Forfeit Draws Byes Points For Against Diff
1. Social Media State Cup Wavell Heights Roosters 5 5 0 0 0 0 15 240 9 231
2. Social Media State Cup Mackay Mustangs 5 5 0 0 0 0 15 67 2 65
3. Social Media State Cup Bray Park Wildcats 5 5 0 0 0 0 15 74 23 51

A top of the table clash kicks us off as Wavell Heights take on their northern rivals Bray Park in the match of the round. With both teams even on points this game will place more value on each teams For & Against. Wavell have amassed a whopping 231 points +difference from the first 5 rounds however all that will not matter if they stumble against a fast finishing Bray Park Team. If Sherrie can get her troops to rise again for one last battle Wavell Heights will storm ahead and take the title of Social Media State Cup Kings. However for Bray Park & Mackay this round is far more interesting the closer you look.

With Bray park & Mackay being split by only +14 difference, this round will all come down to Likes, Shares & Team Involvement. Mackay take on the struggling Coolum Cobras this week but with this race possibly coming down to For & Against, Courtney and the gang for Central Queensland will need to make every point count. Coolum have struggled this comp only averaging 1 point in their 5 games while on the other hand Mackay have averaged a respectable 13 points over the 5 rounds. Bray Park have a mountain to climb if they wish to defeat Wavell Heights. Wavell have averaged 48 points per round compared to Bray Parks 15 points. After a solid 27 point win over the Stanthorpe Lightning last week, no matter how hard Bray Park try, they may fall short of clinching the title.

If Bray park were to take the title, 1. They first need to defeat Wavell Heights and 2. They must win by 15+ points to overtake Mackay. Knowing Mackay have the easier game this week, Bray Park are going to have to through the whole kitchen sink at this final round if they want to take the title. Whatever way you look at it there can only be 1 winner come 2.00pm Friday afternoon. Wavell still look like the team to take the inaugural title but if Mackay or Bray Park have anything to say about it, Wavell could easily be knocked down the Bronze Medal position leaving the two to battle it out over who has the better For & Against difference.

Scott Hallett (Bray Park Venue Manager) was positive about his team’s chances this week. “This week against Wavell will be a battle of the ages” he said. “I will be pushing my teams to the little 1%ers to give ourselves the very best shot at taking this title”. “Were not worried about who Mackay face this week as all that matters is our own performance at the end of the day. Its going to take a massive effort but I believe in my teams ability to dig deep when we need it most”.

Sherrie (Wavell Heights Venue Manager) was short and to the point as she praised her teams commitment so far but urged them to not take their foot off the pedal now. “While we have dominated all teams the past 5 Rounds, this by far is our biggest test”. “If your not First, your Last in my books”. “I will be studying the Bray Park Facebook page very closely over this week keeping an eye on how they are travelling. Time management will be key as we look to catch Bray Parky of guard come Friday”.

Courtney Gordon (Mackay Venue Manager) was just enjoying being a part of the finals and what that meant to the Mackay family. “To us it’s just another round”. “All we can do is take control of our game against Coolum and hope Wavell crumble under the pressure”. “ Whatever the result come Friday, I’m proud of my teams performance over the last 6 weeks. We have all become like family through this whole experience and will be better for this leading into next year”.

It’s Grand Final Week so make sure to jump onto your local venues Facebook page and @mention your team @mention the local business & @mention 2 people not in your team. It’s not just about the Venues, Teams are also vying for their chance to win their team some awesome prizes.

For further results on who won and lost, follow the link below and see just how your team went.


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