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Recent changes to Queensland’s Tobacco & Other Smoking Products Act 1998 include –

  • From 1 September 2016, smoking is banned within 10 metres of viewing and playing areas at organised under-18 sporting events. The ban also applies during training and at any intervals or breaks in play. The coverage of the ban includes the sporting ground or playing area, the viewing area for a water sport, public seating at the grounds and any other area reserved for use by the competitors and the officials.  This also includes a 10 metre non-smoking buffer zone from all of these locations.
  • An organised under-18 sporting event is one that is arranged in advance and is conducted by a professional or amateur sporting body or education institution according to established rules.

Attached an electronic poster and associated fact sheets which identify in more detail the specifics of the changes and here is a link which provides further information regarding the legislation around ‘outdoor eating and drinking places’