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For years, Queensland Oztag has been guilty of introducing students to Oztag and getting them hooked on this amazing, inclusive game.


MISSION 1: Find the Pass codes

MISSION 2: Unlock & Complete level 1 Referee exam

Detailed In formation: Click here


Your mission now is to give students the game knowledge and tactical awareness to take their game to the next level. Work with Queensland Oztag to encourage your students to attain their Oztag Level 1 referee certification.

If you are willing to accept this mission, follow the Steps below to start your classes mission

STEP 1 Let QLD Oztag know if your school or class would like to be a part of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Program by sending
an email or simply give us a call. Participating Schools/Classes will be provided with 2 Missions to complete. Classes can choose to
complete only Mission 1 OR complete Mission 1 and 2. Classroom teachers will be the conduit between Students and Qld Oztag.
STEP 2 Complete MISSION 1 – seek out a specific PASSCODE; available on Queensland Oztag’s Website, Facebook and Instagram
pages. This PASSCODE will set students on course to gain their Level 1 Oztag referee qualification.
Once found, classroom teachers then email PASSCODE back to Queensland Oztag, along with their school name and class.
STEP 3 If classes emailed ‘We accept MISSION 2, unlock and send the Level 1 Oztag Theory Test” at the end on MISSION 1 Qld
Oztag will email classroom teacher links to complete the Level 1 Referee Theory test.
Students within the class will go online and complete the Level 1 Referee Theory test. Results will be collated online by Qld Oztag.

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