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A different style of junior state cup with a modified structure and divisions that still saw over 50 referees, 25 officials, 106 teams from 19 venues battle it out in perfect oztag conditions for state glory at the Sunshine Coast Stadium.


A massive congratulations goes out to all players that participated over the weekend for playing at such a high standard of Oztag. Hats also go off to all the referees and officials that helped make the weekend run so smoothly.

The 2021 Junior State Cup saw little legends travel from as far north as Cairns to the border line of Tweed Coast and everywhere in between. There was some fantastic skill on show over the weekend which makes us excited about the SUPER SERIES that we have coming up in December.

This year saw 6 different clubs win grand finals with the emergence of some new venues not only making appearances in the finals but also taking out the titles in their respective divisions, such as North Lakes & Coomera. We also had the usual suspects; Caloundra, Labrador, Miami & Maroochydore teams featuring in a number of finals. Miami managed to see the most finals with 6 appearances and 3 wins from these appearances.Labrador took the honour of most MVP’s from the weekend with 3. Keep an eye out for the emergence of their ladies in the years to come with all 3 of their MVP’s being from the girls divisions.

Much like the Grand Final wins we also a number of venues represented in the MVP races. Our MVP’s came from 5 different clubs. For the list of the rest of the MVP’s and Finals results please be sure to check out the link below.

Winners/Runners Up/MVP’s: Click Here




The 2021 Super Series Tournament will be composed of the QLD Jesters, QLD Fury and QLD Rebels teams that were selected from The Junior State Cup tournament over the weekend (see below for teams).   The team that you potentially make is dependent on where your team finished over the weekend. For a more detailed outline of how this works please check out the Super Series Team breakdown sheet below.

This year we have also named 8 player development squads for each team. This squad will be the players that are on standby to fill the positions in any teams which may have players withdraw.

For more information on how this works then click on the Development Squad Q&A file below.



To ensure your position in the team please order a complete uniform with a number and pay for registration before 14/05/21.

To pay registration and order your uniform: click here (

  • Teams are listed as per available players – some players decided to make themselves unavailable for selection due to various reasons.
  • Players are listed alphabetically in order of venue not selection order (this includes Development Squad Players).
  • Please ensure a complete uniform with shirt number and registration is purchased prior to the cut off listed on the website (this includes Development Squad Players).
  • Please refer to the refunds policy below to see updated refunds information.
  • State Cup divisions with only 7 or 8 teams in their division will have the 7th and/or 8th finishing team split throughout the 3 teams to ensure a fair and large enough selection pool of players for the 3 teams.



U10/U11 U10/U11
U12/U13 U12/U13
U14/U15 U14/U15
U16/U17 U16/U17





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