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While Oztag gala days are held all around the state with great success, the Hervey Bay region have seen huge participation shifts in the last few years. Its a credit to the team at Hervey Bay Oztag and the schools within the region who have embraced the game.

With over 17 quality referees required for the event, it is a huge achievement each time it is conducted



Wendy Mason, the Hervey Bay School Sports Coordinator has this to say

Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 Hervey Bay primary school students have recently been enthusiastically participating in Oztag gala days in record numbers.  For the past four years, Glenn Hanson and his team of Oztag coordinators and referees have supported Hervey Bay District Sport in bringing Oztag to its students.  As a result, the numbers have climbed over the years to see as many as 440 students participating in a whole day gala event incorporating both experienced and ‘new to the game’ players.

Eleven schools from across the region, both state and private, have engaged in the whole day event, increasing not only students’ knowledge of the game, but also the love for it.  With many other sports on offer on the day, it has become a juggling act to accommodate all students to ensure every student is able to participate in at least four games throughout the day.  However, with the terrific working relationship between the schools and Oztag Hervey Bay it has been an easy fit.  When asked why they choose Oztag, students opinions ranged from “it’s fast paced”, “my friends like it, so I do too”, “diving over the try line is cool”, “grabbing the tag proves that you caught them, not just saying you did.” Additionally, with Glenn visiting schools, students already have a ‘taste’ for it and simply want to get out there and “Get Tagged!”


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