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2021 All Schools – OUR LARGEST YET! ! ! !

The 2021 All Schools had it all 157 Teams, 21 fields our 49 schools represented and a sudden lock down to contend with.
Despite this occurring it was fantastic to see so many new schools and their students across 2 venues apart of this wonderful tournament on the calendar.
Thank you to everyone that attended on the weekend.We really do appreciate the patience and feedback provided both during and post tournament.
2021 Schools Challenge Cup Summary of Stats
Number of players 2198
Number of schools 49
Number of teams 157
Number of game officials 30
Number of referees 60
Number of games played 515

QLD All Star Merit Teams:

While teams will not go on and play at another tournament we would like to recognize players for their efforts over the weekend. All Stars Merchandise is available to be purchased via the below link.

Please note:

  • The Merchandise purchased through this even will take 8 weeks to produce and then a further 2 weeks to be sent to the School for collection (total 10 weeks) once the orders close and are submitted.
  • Orders will close on Sunday the 29th of August at 11pm and will be submitted for order by Wednesday the 1st September.
  • Please ensure merchandise is ordered under your selected child’s name
  • Please ensure you select the correct Division and Team
  • Any player that was not selected in the All Stars team and orders merchandise will be refunded and merchandise will not be produced

Merchandise Link:

  • Link opens at Monday 16th August

Team Selections:

Grade 5 Boys Grade 6 Girls Grade 5/6 Mixed
Grade 6 Boys Grade 7 Girls Grade 8 Mixed
Grade 7 Boys Grade 8 Girls Grade 10 Mixed
Grade 8 Boys Grade 9 Girls Grade 12 Mixed
Grade 9 Boys Grade 10 Girls
Grade 10 Boys  Grade 11 Girls
Grade 11/12 Boys Grade 12 Girls