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2020 Super Series Statement


Over recent months we remained confident we would be able to deliver an exceptional and safe Super Series Tournament on 12th & 13th Dec 2020, for those who were ready and able to attend.

With the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on our event plan and despite our best efforts to bring together the high standard of tournament we set every year we felt that this could not be met.

Unfortunately this means that the Super Series for 2020 won’t be happening.

With borders still being closed meaning our interstate travelling teams are still unable to attend, we felt the tournament had lost its intended purpose. Upon contacting all players/teams from both our Junior & Seniors Divisions we received both positive & negative feedback on players attendance to the tournament knowing our updated event plan. Unfortunately the negative outweighed the positive to where there was not enough players from several teams/divisions take up their positions which is why the decision to not go ahead has been made.

We know you will be disappointed by this news. Our team share the disappointment too but unfortunately on this occasion we cannot go forward with the tournament.

All currently registered Junior & Senior players will have options for refunds. Those refund options are below. Once you have made your decision on what refund you would like to receive please contact us at with your refund option. All refunds will be processed on the 22nd October.

NOTE: Player name, division & bank details will need to be provided with your refund option.



Refund Option: All Junior Super Series players will receive a tournament refund of $105. The uniform has already been produced and will be posted to your local venues for collection in the coming weeks.


Refund Option #1: Senior Super Series players will receive a full refund of their tournament registration & merchandise.

Refund Option #2: Senior Super Series players can opt to only receive a tournament registration refund of $105 and still receive the merchandise they purchased. Merchandise will then be produced and posted to your local venue for collection.


Qld Force players have the option to still purchase a uniform if they wish to do so. Please click on this link to register and purchase your merchandise. The cut off to purchase merchandise is midnight 18th October 2020. If you have already purchased merchandise in the Super Series link then there is no need to purchase more as your order will be taken from your original order.

Qld Force Merchandise Link –

While we are no longer holding the event in 2020, we are already looking forward to coming back stronger and better than ever.

We would like to thank you for your patience and support of the event and look forward to seeing you hopefully represent again in 2021.




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