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2019 Schools Challenge Cup –  133 Teams & 1,600+ players attended this awesome event!

A massive shout out to all the schools that were involved, and a special thank you to all the teachers and support staff who have assisted the players leading up to and during the event. The 2019 Schools Challenge Cup saw 11 different schools win Grand Finals out of a possible 15 divisions.

We can’t wait to see what 2020 has to offer!


2019 Schools Challenge Cup Summary of Stats
Number of players 1662
Number of schools 46
Number of teams 133
Number of game officials 28
Number of referees 55
Number of games played 465


 Winners, Runners up and MVP’s please *click here*

Champion Schools:

Queensland Oztag Schools Challenge Cup uses a 2 tier system over the weekend to determine Champion Schools. This takes into account not only the amount of teams entered but also the success/results of these teams.

Queensland Oztag is pleased to announce the following Winner and Runner Up School for each Tier.


Secondary Schools Tier 1 (5 teams and above)
Meridan State College 12
Sienna Catholic College 7.5


Secondary Schools Tier 2 (4 teams and below)
Varsity College 14
Mountain Creek SHS 10


Primary Schools Tier 1 (3-4 teams and above)
Talara College 10.5
Unity College 10


Primary Schools Tier 2 (2 teams and below)
Wondall Heights State School 7
Park Lake State School 4.5


QLD All Star Merit Teams:

While teams will not go on and play at another tournament we would like to recognize players for their efforts over the weekend. All Stars Merchandise is available to be purchased via the below link.

Please note:

  • The Merchandise purchased through this even will take 8 weeks to produce and then a further 2 weeks to be sent to the School for collection (total 10 weeks) once the orders close and are submitted.
  • Orders will close on Sunday the 27th of October at 11pm and will be submitted for order by Wednesday the 30th of October.
  • Please ensure merchandise is ordered under your selected child’s name
  • Please ensure you select the correct Division and Team
  • Any player that was not selected in the All Stars team and orders merchandise will be refunded and merchandise will not be produced
Merchandise Link: Click Here
  •  Link opens at 12pm on 15th October.

Team Selections:

Grade 5 Boys

Grade 5 Girls Grade 5 Mixed

Grade 6 Boys

Grade 6 Girls

Grade 6 Mixed

Grade 8 Boys Grade 8 Girls

Grade 8 Mixed

Grade 10 Boys

Grade 10 Girls

Grade 10 Mixed

Grade 12 Boys

Grade 12 Girls

Grade 12 Mixed