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We are super excited to have you involved in the 2017 All Schools Tournament.

We have endeavored to answer all your questions below  in regards to the upcoming All Schools event to be held at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Friday schedule – Game Day 1

  • There will not be an Opening Ceremony – due to a number of schools not able to get there.
  • First games start:                               2pm kick off  (click here for the Draw)
  • Last game starts:                               6.40pm
  • Field map                                           click here
  • Pools Listing                                       click here
  • No Punch Policy                                 click here
  • Equity & Harassment                          click here

What’s going on Saturday Game Day 2

  • Times:                                                8:30am – 7pm
  • Draw link:                                           click here
  • Field Map:                                          ‘Field Map’

What’s going on Sunday Game Day 3

  • Times:                                                   8am – 4.10pm (subject to change with extra time during finals games)
  • Draw link:                                             click here
  • Field Map:                                           ‘Field Map’
  • Finals                                                  Please review Draw  (see link and select round type “Final” ) (times may vary subject to extra time)
  • Presentation will be at the end of the Grand Final Games.

Note: Food vendors and amusements rides will also be at the event